Art Tree 2021                
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  1500 International Parkway, Richardson, Texas                
  Inspiration for Art Tree Initial proposed design              
  Scale study                
  Maquette   Maquette with proposed symbols placed Rust finish          
  Symbols attached to the tree will be powder coated.                
  CNC Plasma cutter work       Magnetized drill press        
Space - CNC plasma cutter work        
  Workspace - Bill J. Priest, Corinth street, Dallas Workspace Tree panels welded together   CNC plasma cutter creates tree panels        
Tree panel assemblage          
  A segment of tree panel - 14' x 4' Segment of tree panel Tacking temporary supports to hold tree panels Positioning tree panel to weld          
More Tree panels        
  Tree panels supported to be welded Forklift used to move tree panels - The entire tree will weight 8,000 pounds              
  A sample of tree panels are used to figure placement on base. Tree base is cut on CNC plasma cutter. Bolts are placed in base to create form. Bolts are used to assemble the final tree.          
Rust finish tests        
    Raw metal before rust chemical applied. Rust finish after chemical application. Rust chemical finish the first day. Rust finish 3 days later.        
  Danielle, lead artist/fabricator & Steve Perkins, technical/creative support Danielle & Scott Ricky Danielle & Steve Danielle & James        
Concrete pad            
    14" deep pad with 4 x 6' piers - 12" diameter Pad poured 6-24-2021            
Installation Images coming soon!                
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