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Frisco Art Project


The Canals at Grand Park, Frisco, Texas

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Five artists are commissioned to submit concepts to present to a community panel.    
Artsits:  Scott Shubin, Pascale Pryor, Jeffie Brewer, Scott Trent, Joe Allred    
Jeffie Brewer                      

1.  Cascade - 16 feet tall

2.  Waves - 16 feet tall

3.  Splash - 18 feet wide - 10 feet tall

Proposed color

Additional concepts - Cascade series

Pascale Pryor                      
1.  All aluminum - color powder coated - aligned in same plane

2.  Powder coated steel

3.  Kinetic sculpture - aluminum frame - glass rotates on pipe

4.  Powder coated steel - 3 separate pieces

5.  Les Ecluses -  4 seperate pieces, 6-12' tall - total 30' wide              
6.  also in a silver metal, 3 separate pieces each made of 2 panels 6" apart held together with invisible brackets to add strength and possibly accommodate color led strings of lights. the entire sculpture is 10' x 30' x7" 7.  is "the lady of the grand canals" bathing in the canal. 10' high x 30' long x few inches thick in a brushed silver metal. She is made of flat plates, like a line drawing, not a 3d sculpture. 8.  is a curled strip of silver metal, the top curls are flat and filled this colored slab glass. 10' tall x 30' long x 3' wide.                  
Scott Shubin                      

Aqua 4 consists of 4 elements each at a height of 15’.  The width at bottom is 24" wide and sides come to a point. It curves and tapers to 8” wide at the top.
The face of the elements will have a dark blue UV Acrylic with LED lights to illuminate at night. It also tapers from 12” wide at the bottom to 4” wide at the top.   The footprint of the sculpture will be spaced evenly apart on the circumference of a 10’ diameter circle. The elements would have a chrome powder coat with a UV clear gloss finish.
The 4 elements will be positioned to allow viewing thru the sculpture from all 4   points of entry into the development.
The elements represent the confluence of the 4 canals merging together. The blue acrylic with LED embedded lights represent water.
The element will have a soft blue glow at night.


1.  Aqua 4, 15' x 10' - LED lighting embedded


2.  Flow, 15' x 7' x 7' - LED lighting embedded


Attached is my drawing of ‘Flow’.
3 stainless steel curved legs. 4-1/2” OD stainless pipes. Vertical texture.
Stainless Steel flanges.
The 3 elements represent water. The elements would be 4-1/2” OD steel pipe powder coated in different hues of blue. These elements represent the flow of water.
The dimensions:
Kinetic elements 11’W x 4-1/2” D x 4’ H.
The total dimensions of ‘Flow with the legs and elements is:
19’H x 10’W x 4-1/2” D.
LED could illuminate the piece from the ground.

Attached sketch of ‘Aqua Lux’ oval sculpture with Embedded LED Lights and Navy blue UV acrylic.
16’H  x 10’W x 3’W.
The width tapers from 3’ to 1’ .

Here is a  conceptual drawing  of ‘Aqua Flux’.
17’ tall x 9’ wide x 9’ deep.
2 elements with the appearance of 3 due to the curved tallest piece coming back down to the footing.
Perforated stainless steel on the bottom and 3 different hues blues on the 2 outsides and on the inside.


3.  Flow , 19' x 10' x 5'

4.  Aqua Lux, 16' x 10' x 3'

5.  Aqua Flux, 17' x 9' x 9'

Joe Allred                      





Water Bearer of the Canals, 12' x 16' x 4'


Wave Curls, 12' x 10' x 5'

Splash Curls with Drops, 12' x 10' x 10'


Splash Curls with Bells, 12' x 10' x 10'


All the concepts currently on the page relate to water, but not necessarily to canals. Photographs of canals often show canal bridges so I am offering a Canal Bridge sculpture.  It is made of curved steel box beams and tubes.  The pickets are also curved and extend above the upper curved beam.  The upper and lower curved beams have different curves, because canal bridges do.  The lower curve is more hemispherical.  The upper curve is broader.  Here I have placed a sphere above the apex.


Raintree version 1

Raintree version 2

Canal Bridge sculpture - 12' x 20' x 1'

Scott Trent                      
The concept:  The slats move by gravity and wind. They are offset at a 45 degree angle on bearings for smooth movement.  The range of motion will be imited by the wave shape bar at the bottom.  This first iteration did not work as imagined since the slats are too wide and do not conform to a smooth wave pattern.  I will create a second maquette to explore thinner slats and weighted short sides to give a more balanced state. 

1.  Kinetic Wave


2.  Foundation Wave

3.  Accent Art to Foundation Wave


4.  Bobber in static Waves

5.  Deep Sea Collage

  Inspiration for the Kinetic Wave -  SMU - Meadows Museum, Dallas, TX.       VIDEO                    
Initially, the concept was attempting to find a contemporary cowboy theme.  This was voted down for a more contemporary look and feel.  This shows one solution to maintaining the sight line of the canal to the community center.
Proposal presentation: TBD -  On site in community with art committee group

A layered, silhouette metal sculpture considering the sight-line through the middle of the community with the community center at the end of the canal alley.  The front view is a flat “cut-out,” silhouette and the side view is the thin lines of layered metal sheets.
Theme/concept:  Water, monumental in size (12-15 feet tall), colorful, contemporary, considers the community name in some way.


The developer, Arcadia Realty is finishing a multi-level, multi-use housing development in Frisco and he has a central space within the community which is designed to have a monumental piece of art. 

Here is the development web page:

The address:  4485 Cotton Gin Road, Frisco, TX.  75034

The square (Placement of art) in question is at the intersection of the canals.

 The budget has not been established for this work of art, but will probably fall within 20K - 24K.  Bill is committed to doing something interesting, unique and lasting.

-  Monumental size work of art  (I do not have exact dimensions.  Guessing- 10-15 feet tall, 10 feet wide, 5 feet deep.
-  The space is a square, located in the middle of the development with a canal feeding underneath from all four sides.
-  The developer is seeking a multi-media experience.  (including sounds, light, visual and potentially interactive
-  The budget will be dictated by the quality of the concept.
-  The time frame is start immediately and get it done as soon as possible.  There’s no unreasonable time-line, it’s just the community is ready for the finished piece.

What the community sees as driving into the area with the site at the end Front view of site in the middle of four converging waterways Front view of the site, surrounded by four roads. Side view of the site in the middle of the roundabout. One proposal submitted.  Four cowboys riding into the sunset.  10' tall.

4485 Cotton Gin Road, Frisco, TX.  75034

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Meet:  TBD

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The UTD design team brainstorms ideas and concepts around the installation.  (August 23, 2017)    
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