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  The Work of Art: Steps in Creating Art, Exploring Design Thinking and Insights for Innovative Organizations   Right: A New Design Perspective for Business Innovation. Right Thinking in a Left-brain World   The Year I Fed the Coyotes   Leap of Faith: You Can't Board a Shooting Star Gracefully   Design Utilizing Digital Media to Facilitate Collaboration  
Scott Trent, Ph.D., is a metal sculptor, academic, community activist, and entrepreneur.  He is founding director for the Henderson Art Project, and President of Support the Arts, a non-profit created to promote artists, the arts and win/win community projects.  He has served as a board member for the Texas Sculpture Association and the artist in residence for the city of Frisco from 2010 - 2013.
He received his graduate degree in Emerging Media and Communication/Arts and Technology school from the University of Texas at Dallas.  His areas of specialty include Design Thinking, innovation, creativity, digital design, with an interest in information design, digital rhetoric, visual communication and media based collaboration.  He is an associate professor at Collin County College and adjunct instructor at Tarrant County College and teaching metal sculpting at Dallas County Community College. He teaches online courses at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and Design Thinking, online at the New School of Architecture and Design.  As a business consultant, Trent has worked with fortune 100 companies in areas of communication, leadership, and team effectiveness for twenty years. 

After operating his silk-screening business for nine years, he decided that he wanted to focus on Fine Art; he sold the business and has been sculpting since 2001.  His work can be found in permanent placement with the city of Frisco, Dallas Holocaust Museum, The Jewish Community Center and hundreds of private collections and numerous public spaces.  He was responsible for the placement of 24 works of art, by area artists on Henderson Avenue in Dallas, Texas.  Dallas News columnist, Michael Granberry wrote, “When it comes to public art, no one has done more in recent years than Scott Trent, the force behind the Henderson Art Project.” 

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  Artists practice the art of being creative every day. Most have spent a lifetime perfecting this unique approach to life. Insights are found in the artist’s process, their actions, their perspective, and approach to problems. The process is easily documentable and each step reproducible. The artist utilizes the creative process to make art, while the designer creates by following the process of design thinking. Design thinking takes the creative process and tailors it to the structured, hierarchal, restricted environment of a business and provides guidance for innovation to occur. This book follows the creation of a work of art. It captures the insights of the artist’s process by describing each step and pulling practical steps across the gap to the ideals of an innovative organization. This book illustrates what must happen for an organization to build a creative culture and produce innovative products and services.   This book addresses the practices and challenges of innovation in business. It is for those in large organizations that seek a way to re-imagine how they do business as well as smaller companies looking for competitive advantages. The book proposes a new design perspective which challenges ideas about the “right” way to succeed in business. The ultimate goal is to show organizational leaders the value of creativity, and inspire the right-brain thinkers to expect a position at the boardroom table when innovation is a must.

Innovation is not magical, mystical or available only to the creative virtuoso.  A Design Perspective is easily obtained and an absolute MUST to be nurtured, supported, and encouraged by leadership in all organizations.  The authors provide an innovation model to work from and guidelines to follow; but ultimately the answers reside in the people and infrastructure designed to promote creativity.  Promoting the value of right-thinking at the right time, by the right people is the message and we explain why.

Innovation is never apparent in convention. Some times you must feed the coyotes. People will tell you it is foolish and dangerous. It is those foolish few that are the innovators. This is a contemporary parable that shows the similarity to feeding the wild and innovating.

  This is a parable of an average man, living a common life, and his struggle to pursue an uncommon path in pursuit of his passion.      
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